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I am a fully qualified ITEC Complementary Massage Therapist. Complementary therapies treat the whole person and not just the condition. They help in restoring and rebalancing
the whole body. During your first visit I will carry out a detailed confidential consultation
where you will be asked a range of medical and lifestyle questions. Here I can check for any contraindications and this will help me to establish your specific needs and requirements and therefore make sure that you are suitable for treatment. Please mention when booking if you are under the care of a medical practitioner or on medication, as some medical conditions require G.P permission prior to treatment. Some of the treatments will require you to partially undress. During the treatment your modesty and comfort will be observed at all times.


Our Treatment facility

1 hour £43, 45 mins £38

A deep massage that aims to restore the muscles to their normal function. It helps to reduce muscular aches, pains, tension and relieves tired and stressed muscles. It helps to break down scar tissue and fibrous nodules, therefore actively encouraging the healing process. After treatment an improvement in the range of movement and muscle flexibility should occur. It helps the body recover from injury therefore preventing further injury.

1 ½ hours full body £58, 1 hour £48

A deeply relaxing massage using alternating hot and cold stones. The hot stones help warm the muscles and the cold stones help remove inflammation and pain. The thermal and vibrational energy within the stones result with the body feeling totally relaxed both physically and emotionally. The vibrational energy also helps to remove fibrous nodules found within tense muscles.

1 hour full body £38, 45 mins back, neck & shoulders £33

It is a mixture of gentle or deeper movements tailored to your individual needs. It helps to reduce muscular pain, tension and stiffness. It boosts circulation and helps to improve lymphatic flow and eliminate toxins. The result is deeply relaxing and gives rise to a sense of general well-being.

1 hour £38

Reflexology is a non invasive therapy based on the theory that there are points on the feet and hands that correspond to specific organs and systems in the body. Pressure techniques are applied on reflex points, stimulating the body to release energy to clear out the relating reflex point in the body removing congestion and blockages. This will help the body to heal itself and to restore energy pathways and balance.

1 ½ hours full body £48, 45 mins back, neck & shoulders £38

Essential oils are extracted from plants and are believed to have therapeutic and natural healing properties. The oils will be chosen and blended to suit your specific individual needs. Aromatherapy promotes relaxation and helps reduce stress and tension. It stimulates the body and mind to promote healing.

45 minutes £28

Indian Head massage is a treatment where the client is seated and fully clothed. The upper back, shoulders, upper arms, neck, face and scalp are all included in this deeply relaxing massage. If requested essential oils may be used. Mobility in the head and neck are increased and stress and tension are eliminated. Energy levels are boosted and headaches are reduced.

30 mins £23

On-site massage is an over the clothes seated chair massage using acupressure (press and rub) movements treating the back, shoulders, neck, arms and head. It is mainly used in offices where many of us spend most of our working day sat at desks and slouched over keyboards.
It influences the muscular, nervous and circulatory systems leaving you with increased energy levels and feeling less stressed.

The use of hot/cold stones and aromatherapy oils can be incorporated in any of the above treatments.


Massage has many benefits, it helps with many different problems/disorders associated with the following systems. These may include;

* Muscular System eg. Back pain
* Digestive System eg. IBS
* Respiratory System eg. Asthma
* Immune System eg. Infections
* Circulatory System eg. High BP
* Gynaecological System eg. PMT
* Nervous System eg. Stress
* Skin Disorders eg. Eczema

After illness, injury or stress the body is imbalanced, massage can help to improve the energy flow throughout the body to help re-balance the system. Massage helps by;

* reducing muscular aches & pains
* relieving tired or stressed muscles
* improving lymphatic flow & removal of waste
* re-balancing the body's system& organs
* improving circulation
* eliminating stress & tension
* boosting energy levels
* improving posture
* helping with headaches
* increasing mobility
* helping with insomnia
* encouraging relaxation
* helping the body reach a state of general well-being

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